New "Business-in-a-Box" Small Home-Based Business Packages
from Olde World Stone & Tile Molds, Inc.

Our CTC-07 Complete Business Start-up Training Course covers all aspects of starting a concrete products Manufacturing and Marketing business. The information and training material is backed by over 22 years in the business. And it's the same $599.00 Training Course included with our Commercial Business Packages. Want to see what's included?
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We now offer 6 STONE, 2 PAVER, 3 STEPPING STONE, and 1 WALL DECOR Home-Business Start-up Packages.
We plan to add TILE and BRICK VENEER Packages shortly... and maybe a few others as well.

Each "Business-in-a-Box" includes one quart of special MSP Odorless Commercial-Grade, Mold Release. 1 pound each of five different iron-oxide powdered concrete colors.  One gallon of Concrete Fortifier Additive.  One gallon of our water-reducing superplasticizer Additive.  And a generous quantity of ABS Molds depending on the specific product category Home Business Package chosen.

You receive enough material to make hundreds to thousands of items or square feet of stone, pavers, stepping stones, wall plaques, depending on the products you choose to manufacture. There are too many variables to give exact yields for each Package as the thicknesses, sizes, type of concrete used, manufacturing system used, etc., varies so much.  But average yields are as follows:

Stone/Stone Veneer: Based on using pre-mix bags of concrete and the quantity of additive specified, you can treat about 32 bags, which will yield from 650+/- to 1120+/- square feet of stone on average. Again, depending on the stone style chosen and thickness poured. A dramatic increase in yield can be achieved when using our recommended Portland cement and course sand mix formula.

Patio/Driveway Pavers: Based on using Portland cement and bulk sand per our mix formula, the two sets will yield 30+/- or 40+/- square feet per full pour, depending on the thickness and sizes of the molds used... patio (1.5" thick) versus driveway (2.5" thick) on average.

Stepping Stones: Based on the quantity of individual items poured, their size and thickness variance, and other factors, the yield can only be figured by the piece. When using premix bags of concrete, you may get from 2 to 6 stepping stones yield per bag. Again, the yield will be dramatically increased when using our Portland cement mix formula.

Wall Decor Plaques: Since these are such large items, you can figure on each mold using up to a full bag of premixed concrete. Again, if you used 94 pound bags of Portland cement, and aggregate per a standard concrete formula, your yield would be increased dramatically.





In addition to our CTC-07 Business Start-up Training Course, we also offer Free access to our "Training & Instructions" website. There you will find a wealth of product, technique and industry articles and tutorials written by us and other industry experts that are categorized by subject matter.

We also offer a number of Free videos on mixing, pouring, and finishing techniques.  We are adding new videos on a regular basis, and plan to have our entire training on video eventually.

You also get Free direct email support and periodic product and training updates via email and through our newsletters.  

Shipping of your "Business-in-a-Box" and any Packages or Mold Sets added to your Business-in-a-Box are FREE within the Continental USA. We discount or subsidize our foreign shipping by deducting the average shipping cost within the USA for an item from the actual foreign shipping cost. We feel that is fair to all of our customers. 


Our molds are made with .060 or .093 commercial grade, rubberized, ABS plastic. They are designed to be used hundreds of times when used per our simple instructions. They offer a perfect blend of strength, flexibility, and durability, while maintianing the ability to be self-supporting. They do not require a stabilizing shell like many rubber or polystyrene molds do. Most of ours are free-standing and self-supporting. They are designed for ease of demolding as well.

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Just add concrete, water, and desire...