A Successful Manufactured Concrete Stone and Tile Manufacturing Business Opportunity

Olde World Stone & Tile Molds, Inc. is dedicated to the nation-wide manufacture and distribution of what we consider the finest cementitious manufactured stone, pavers, tile and brick available.  In order to meet that objective, we provide equipment, formulas, mold technology, the training and support and Olde World's exclusive and proprietary manufacturing system to entrepreneurs with little or no experience in the concrete stone or tile manufacturing industry.  Basically we help entrepreneurs start their own business, manufacturing stone and tile products.

Olde World markets the Olde World Stone & Tile Molds concept and system world-wide. As a pioneer in the manufactured stone industry, Olde World opened its first plant in January, 1992 in Port Charlotte, FL.  Today, Olde World Stone & Tile Producers are located from coast to coast, and in countries around the world. Olde World Stone & Tile Molds, Inc. has become a recognized leader in this fast-growing industry, having started many entrepreneurs in the manufacturing business.

As an Olde World Producer, you will be provided with a national reputation, the tools, the know-how and support needed to get your business going... and to keep it growing!  You will be manufacturing a stone and tile product of proven quality and success.  Olde World products have been thoroughly tested and developed over many years, and are readily accepted by homeowners as well as the building industry throughout the United States of America, and around the world.

Many years of experience have provided Olde World Producers with the answers to almost any operational question that might be encountered during future years in the manufacturing business.  We will always share this cumulative knowledge with you, and keep you abreast of new developments in the manufactured stone and concrete tile and paver industry.

Top quality molds are essential to manufacturing top quality stone and tile.  Our molding technology is the result of years of research and development.  We use the best mold techniques and materials to produce our Olde World Stone & Tile Molds at a reasonable price.  We have the largest variety of this type of mold available anywhere.  We have the capability to design and manufacture custom molds, should you receive a request for a design not available as an Olde World "stock" mold.

The Olde World Stone & Tile Molds, Inc. training material will prepare you to start and successfully operate your own manufacturing business with complete and total confidence.  Even though you may have little or no previous knowledge of stone, tile, concrete, the building industry... or in operating a business on your own... you'll be prepared.   We provide in-depth training in the many facets of starting, operating, and most important... growing your business.  We are as near as your phone or computer email.

Olde World conducts on-going research and development programs to test and develop new products and methods.  Results, ideas and suggestions, are then passed on to our Producers to help improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations.

Starting and operating a concrete stone and tile manufacturing business, like running any business well, presents a tremendous challenge.  But the benefits can be tremendous too!  Aside from the opportunity for the financial rewards of ownership, and the satisfaction of being able to prosper in relation to your own efforts, you will enjoy the status of being an independent business person within your community.  And the only one who can "lay you off"... is you!

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